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Novertur Market Research

Millions of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are creating great products with huge potential in foreign countries, but are missing the right partners to penetrate these markets or are simply doing business with the wrong ones. Are you one of those? Novertur provides tailored matchmaking reports helping you to identify adapted trade partners in order to enter selected foreign markets.

Novertur Matchmaking Reports

Ranking and profiling of best matching partners

The Novertur Matchmaking Reports provide you with a list of adapted potential partners on one selected country-market and ranked according to our matchmaking degree including your tailored business requirements. These leads are carefully selected and provided with advanced profiling (description, size, distributed brands, pros & cons, etc). They can be potential distributors, buyers, suppliers, R&D partners, or any partner of your choice as well as competitors.

Novertur Matchmaking Reports

Business locations and contact information

The matchmaking reports also include all the required information to get in contact with the companies and with key representatives. A geographic snapshot enables to identify where they are located in the selected country-market and if relevant industrial clusters are existing.

How it works

Defining your objectives

Our international business experts define your business objectives behind the partner search together with you. Our expert also analyzes the supply chain of your product and the environment in which you are operating.

Novertur Matchmaking

Our team will run the patent-pending Novertur matchmaking system amongst an exhaustive list of companies from the markets you selected (business registers, trade organizations lists, etc.) to identify complementarities between potential partners and your business.

Delivery of 3 Verified Partners

The Novertur international business experts complete an advanced analysis of the results from the matchmaking and select the best opportunities for you. Our team will verify the reliability and solvency of the 3 partners matching your requirements at best (Creditreform ratings, phone calls, etc).